Aikan Performing Arts’ acting classes are designed to teach participants how to become working actors!

Acting Class Student
Acting Class Students
Adult Acting Class
Adult & Youth Acting Class Student
Acting Class Student


6 Weeks & 12 Week Sessions


Teen Acting Classes $360.00  Monday (12) Weeks  Per Session   Ages 13-17 

Time:  6 - 7pm  (1hr)

Adult Acting Classes $360.00

Monday (12) Weeks Per Session  

(1hrs) . Time: 8 -9pm

Adult Acting Classes $360.00

Tuesday (12) Weeks Per Session  

(1hrs) . Time:  7 - 8pm

Pre-teen Acting Classes $275.00

Wednesday (6) Weeks er Session   Ages 7-12

(1hr)  Time: 6:30 - 7:30 pm


Pre-teen Acting Classes $275.00

Saturday  (6)  Weeks  Per Session  

Ages 7-12 (1hr) 

Time: 10 -11am


Teen Acting Classes $275.00

Saturday (6) Weeks  Per session   Ages 13-17 

Time:  11am  - 12 pm   (1hr)  




See Schedule Above   

Payments are per student 


Our (6) and (12) week online acting classes are designed to teach participants how to evoke genuine feelings, build self-confidence and improve physical awareness. Participants also learn how to deliver lines with emotional color through demanding, yet fun exercises and activities.

Youth Acting Classes (Ages  7 – 17)

Our youth program meet students where they are and allows them to explore a life-changing creative outlet. Classes are designed to teach students the art of acting, which can improve concentration, motivation and confidence. In this way, students are equipped with the skills to do better in school, book acting opportunities and take part in collective experiences that stimulate individual growth.


Adult Acting Classes

Our adult program is designed for beginners with no experience to professionals who wish to fine-tune their craft. By attending our classes, many of our adult students have boosted their public speaking skills, increased their confidence, networked with like-minded peers, and were adequately prepared for acting opportunities. 

  • Improvisation

  • Scene study

  • Character development

  • Audition preparation

  • Reading cold copy

  • Monologue and scene studies

  • Techniques for stage, TV and film acting

  • Amateur and experienced actors welcomed

  • Classes are continuous and students can enroll at any time.

  • Minimum age for youth acting class is   7 years old

  • Students are expected to report to each class on-time, and weekly.

Our Method


At Aikan Performing Arts, we instruct our students using professional standards that encompass classic and modern performing arts principles. Secondly, we empower artists by building their confidence, allowing them to perform on a professional level. Lastly, we inspire not only our students but spectators of our performances by stimulating true emotional experiences through art.

"Man, where do I start? There are so many things Nakia Dillard has done for me and the rest of the Aikan Team. Before I met Nakia, I didn't know how things worked. I had an idea but I wasn't sure. Aikan Acts gives you the blueprint for a successful acting career by teaching you about the business and the techniques to get yourself work."