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Comedy Classes

Taught by Tommy McMillan

Hosted by Aikan Acts on Zoom

Comedy 101 


Comedy 101 is a course in professional entertainment consisting of jokes and satirical sketches intended to make an audience laugh .This class is taught by 25 plus year working stand up comedy veteran Tommy McMillan  . Tommy is Known in the comedy community as the king of characters .He  has performed as a stand up comedian in comedy clubs, colleges ,special events , movies and tours all over the United States . Not only does tommy perform as himself but as one of 14 different characters he has created complete with costumes ,storyline  backgrounds , catch phrases , and accents  . Tommy has made many televisions appearances including  B.E.T. Comicveiw five times , Comcast on demand and , the players club variety show . He has also been featured as a host on several radio shows including 103.9 in Philadelphia and in New York on 98.7 kiss fm as a member of the morning breakfast club .  Tommy has experience teaching and , can enhance your standup skills from beginning stages to performance level . In this six week course you will learn :


Stage presence : 

the ability to command the attention of an audience by the impressiveness of ones manner or appearance in this class you will  learn to successfully engage a crowd and confidently address them . 


Stage persona :

 how to find a social role for your act as a  character as a worldly image . 


Joke delivery and timing :

 you will learn to make your joke the most effective it can be and deliver your lines properly 


Material writing : 

how to construct your stories and  jokes into a comedy set set to perform 


Packaging yourself :  

How to present  yourself in a for of a package to be presented to the world 


The final class will be a performance by the members of the class displaying their refined talents for their family and friends 


Each of these course will equal up to the preparation of each student  becoming a performing stand up comedian . The skills you learn will also be good to apply when public speaking and socially interacting . Comedy has also been documented as being healthy in terms of stress and laughter . Each of the 6 class will be 1 1/2 hours 

Starting January 9th, Sat for 6 Weeks
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