Screenwriting 201

Taught by Award Winner Jillian Bullock

Hosted by Aikan Acts on Zoom

If you are just starting your career as a screenwriter or you’ve always wanted to get that great story in your mind out to share with the world, this course is for you. By the end of this course, you will be able to write a full length feature screenplay.

In this three hour course, you will learn the following:

• How to develop your story, including a strong beginning 

• What is exposition and why is it so important to do right

• How to do research for your script

• Plot structure

• Character assessment 

• Development of protagonist and antagonist

• Editing and rewrites

• Proper formatting

• How to write an inciting incident and why it’s important

• How to write lively dialogue

• What to avoid in scriptwriting

• Write a killer ending 

• Protect your script

• Script software to buy

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Sunday April 25, 2021 12-3pm