Aikan Performing Arts offers effective performing arts training in the Greater Philadelphia area. Through our performing arts classes, participants are sure to acquire important values and skills, which will become a part of their daily lives. Equipped with positive self-confidence, our participants make valuable contributions to their community, and are prepared for the challenges and fun of the entertainment industry.

Nakia Dillard, Founder of Aikan Performing Arts


"This past year has been nothing short of amazing!  After attending two acting workshops with Troy Roland in 2013, and attending numerous acting classes, my personal experience and growth through Aikan Acts has been a blessing. I have booked roles in various films throughout the year. Films such as Touched, Finding America, Solomon’s Temple and Terra Antigua.  A video included is Sheep4theslaughter which is on YouTube, Touched, which is on Vimeo and a TV show called, The Book of Nimrod, in which I am also a camera man.


I recently booked a walk-on role as a Wall Street Telegraph Employee on The House of Cards. This is all due to God’s great plan for my life, the amazing coaching of Kamal Bostic-Smith and the outstanding leadership and drive of Nakia Dillard.  The rest of the Aikan team is very talented as well and I can’t wait to work with them soon.  Nakia is always aspiring to push us toward greatness. I am thankful I took the step and joined the Aikan Acts team and landing job after job. I appreciate all that Aikan has done for me. Thank you all!"

Nakia Dillard, Founder of Aikan Performing Arts


"Aikan Acts is worth giving a try. Since childhood, I've had this dream of acting and entertaining but never followed through with it. At the age of 27 after graduate school, I realized I had to take control over what I wanted for myself, out of life, but most of all what made me happy. Working a 9 to 5 sure was not it, so I finally enrolled in Aikan Acts January 2015. Enrolling was my first step in taking control.


My first class was scary but very rewarding. I walked out of there excited and inspired. Prior to Aikan, I had no acting experience and no real knowledge of the industry. It has been almost a year and I have been on a several auditions and casting calls. I have landed a principal role in a recurring stage play, a web series, and a film. I have even done some extra work as well. This is all a very big deal for me and I'm so thankful I found Aikan Acts. Aikan offers so much, from a family friendly environment to instruction from working actors, to advice from special guest such as celebrity acting coaches, directors, musicians, actors, etc. As a result of fully taking charge, I have gained confidence in myself and my abilities to actually make my dreams my reality.  Thanks, Aikan."

Nakia Dillard, Founder of Aikan Performing Arts


"Man, where do I start? There are so many things Nakia Dillard has done for me and the rest of the Aikan Team. Before I met Nakia, I didn't know how things worked I had an idea but I wasn't sure. Aikan Acts gives you the blueprint for a successful acting career by teaching you about the business and the techniques to get yourself work. They teach you the importance of networking and encouraging others. I learned when you help people along the way, people will do the same in return.


Whenever I had questions they were always a phone call away. They also teach you to never stop learning and never stop growing. You’re making progress, it's just a slow process. Aikan Acts tells you that anything is possible and you can fulfill your dreams. Tobi Gadison, Kamal Bostic-Smith and Miranda Thompson teach you everything about the craft. 


I learned how to analyze a script, how to push myself and work on my levels as an actor and get into emotions. I learn a lot on how to get into monologues and they also teach you their side as actors getting into the business. They bring in special guests that have given me more goals and things to work on. Additionally, they really stress creating your own work and creating z lane for yourself as an artist. They have tons of resources available to you, such as books and webinars. I've booked roles in stage plays, feature films and short films through Aikan Acts and I'm still in contact with them. They provide opportunities to audition for projects as well. If you join the Aikan Acts team your joining a supportive group that encourages you to follow your dreams. Nakia Dillard and Gloria Dillard and the rest of the teachers have not only been great teachers but great friends who have made an impact in my life."

Nakia Dillard, Founder of Aikan Performing Arts


"There's so much more to say but, I figured I'd keep it short. :)


Since I've been in the Aikan adult acting class, I've grown as an actor and have been able to book some great projects!


I want to also say that I've had the great opportunity to be a part of a great community of artists and teachers that feels like a family. I'm always encouraged to go further and do more as an actor and there is great comradery and a sense of support from everyone. Thanks!"

Nakia Dillard, Founder of Aikan Performing Arts


"I approached Aikan Acts because, as a 67-year-old male with a deep fear of public speaking, I needed help in conquering this fear. For years, as part of my employment duties, I had to give tutorial classes and speeches at various state institutions and Temple University. I watched as preceding speakers captivated their audiences while on the other hand I lost my audience due to the obvious fear and nervousness I displayed.


In the past, I have read that some now prominent actors overcame their fear of public speaking and even speech impediments through acting. With that in mind, I enrolled in Aikan Acts acting classes.


Not knowing what to expect, I was surprised to find the instructors were actual working actors with credits in film, television and on stage. One thing I liked was their “down-to-earth” approach and encouragement.


On the very first day of class, one instructor, whether know or unbeknownst to him, hit at the very core of my problem and reason for enrolling in this class. He stated, "as an actor you cannot be afraid, timid, shy or even afraid of embarrassing yourself." This resonated with me and gave me encouragement to continue. Further encouragement was given to me by Ms. Gloria Dillard, the mother of Aikan Acts founder, Nakia Dillard, when she said to me, “Jerry, you sometimes have to be like a child again and put aside your inhibitions.” I took that to heart.


Subsequently, I also attended master acting classes sponsored by Aikan Acts and featured acting coaches with A-list clients such as Queen Latifah, The Will Smith family, The Wayan’s family, Common as well as other actors. These coaches gave helpful critiques of monologues and assigned impromptu tasks while in class. These classes were well worth the cost, but more importantly, they were insightful and a great learning tool to all the aspiring actors in the class.  I am finding the Aikan Acts experience to be one of the most positive learning experiences of my life. I would without hesitation recommend Aikan Acts to any and all aspiring actors.  I enrolled in Aikan Acts with the intention of just overcoming my fear of public speaking, but who knows."