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Aikan Performing Arts mission is to enrich, inspire and transform lives through performing arts education.


To instill valuable skills that begin with performing arts and transcend to personal growth – one student at a time.


We are committed to expanding the reach of effective performing arts education in the Greater Philadelphia area.  Through our performing arts classes, participants are sure to acquire important values and skills, which will become a part of their daily lives. Equipped with positive self-confidence, our participants do better in school, make valuable contributions to their community, and are prepared for the challenges and fun of the entertainment industry.


Participants who attend our classes continuously book roles in commercials, film and stage productions –some even have IMDB credits! As a result of our rigorous training program and access to entertainment opportunities, our students not only become proficient in the arts but are able to put their training into use.

"I am finding the Aikan Acts experience to be one of the most positive learning experiences of my life. I would without hesitation recommend Aikan Acts to any and all aspiring actors.  I enrolled in Aikan Acts with the intention of just overcoming my fear of public speaking, but who knows."


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