Aikan (pronounced "I Can") Performing Arts, a 501(c)(3) organization, provides high-quality performing arts training to youth and adults in a safe, fun and friendly environment. Since its inception, Aikan Performing Arts has reached over 1,000 students and workshop participants in the Philadelphia area. 

Performing Arts


We understand the integral role arts play in our culture and we are fully committed to developing and nurturing artists on a professional level. In this way, students are equipped with the skills to achieve success in their careers, become champions of the arts, and take part in collective experiences that stimulate individual growth.

Research shows arts learning is closely tied to academic achievement, civic engagements, and both social and emotional development. This also includes improvements in concentration, motivation and confidence. Participants involved in the arts have increases in cognitive aptitude, critical thinking, communication, math and reading skills.



“Art is woven into the fabric of our society and we understand the value of creating a hands-on learning experience to inspire students through encouragement and innovation.”

"Enrich, inspire and transform lives through performing arts education"

Aikan Performing Arts

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