Aikan (pronounced "I Can") Performing Arts, provides high-quality performing arts training to youth and adults in a safe, fun, and friendly online environment. Since its inception in 2009, Aikan Performing Arts has reached over 1,000 students and workshop participants in the Philadelphia area.

Aikan Performing Arts’ acting classes are designed to teach participants how to become working actors!

Our dance classes give participants the opportunity to sharpen their skills or learn new dance genres.

We offer workshops in various locations that focus on specific areas of performing arts as well as fundraising events for our initiatives.

"Nakia, thank you for everything that you and your staff have done for my son Derek. As he participates in your program, I can't help but notice that his stage presence, emotional expression and improvisational skills have grown tremendously."


Pay It Forward


This is your chance to help your family or friends in their burgeoning acting career. Donate as a gift or an act of kindness to help them out. Aikan fiercely believes in the act of paying it forward, which is to say, we believe that doing an act of kindness can lead to other acts of kindness in life. Let this be your act of kindness